About Me



Artist statement

Every culture contributes bits of truth to the cosmic whole with their stories of how we came to be and why we are here. Be it myth or fact, the lessons are there to guide and inspire us. I draw on these stories, symbols and a bit of humor to create my work.

The world is joined together in dualism. I play with combinations of geometric patterns and free form, modern and ancient symbols, material and spiritual thought, as well as digital and traditional mediums.


Creating art as a way of life has been my aim and goal since I was 7 years old. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest was inspirational both in its natural environment and cultural attitude. Pacific Northwest native styles, the art of the world's different religious traditions and working for two toy companies as a graphic designer have all made their impact.

While I might focus on a particular project for a time, I enjoy making art in a variety styles and mediums.

I enjoy my family, my friends, music and baseball. I have a broad list of interests and there are many different types of art that I will create in my lifetime.

B.A., Graphic Design, Central Washington University:
7 quarters of drawing, 4 quarters of painting, ceramics and minor in Philosophy. Plus 20 years experience as a professional graphic artist, husband and father.

Solo - Sept. 2011 - "A Cat Named Egg"
826 (Seattle, WA)

Solo - June 2011 - "Many Paths"
The Triple Door (Seattle, WA)

Solo - Dec. 2008 - "Do Narwhals Have Blowholes?"  Hiawatha Artist Gallery (Seattle, WA)

Solo - Aug. 1995 - "Church & State"
Sarah Spurgeon Gallery (Ellensburg, WA)

Group - Oct 2013 - "Creatives Rising"
see.me (New York, NY)

Group - Dec 2012 - "Holiday RAWk"
Trinity (Seattle, WA)

Group - June-Aug 2012 - "Many Paths"
Ink Life (Olympia, WA)

Group - April-May 2011
Art On The Ridge (Seattle, WA)

Group - May. 2002
Lower Level Gallery (Seattle, WA)

Group - Sept. 2000 - "The 3/Three Matts"
Studio 8 (Seattle, WA)


Farell Merit Scholarship Award for art culminating in a showing of 20 large pieces at the Sarah Spurgeon Gallery in Ellensburg, WA.